Hello and thanks for your interest in Red Dot. Please take a few minutes to fill out an application.

Hardcore and Casual players are welcome but we ask that you fill out an application especially if you are interested in doing scheduled events, endgame progression, etc. so we can get you registered on the site.

We do screen applications closely looking for Hardcore and Casual members alike. Note that while Red Dot does scheduled events for end-game content, we don't require a attendance rate; however we do urge participation in all possible events. The more effort you put in the more results you will get out. At this time we are not rejecting applications based on inexperience, lack of gear, lack of voice chat, primary time zone, or platform of play. We can teach you events and get you geared with no problem as long as you put in the effort. However, these factors may impact your interaction with other members, including invites to events.

Cliques within the Free Company, old or new are not encouraged and in fact, are frowned upon heavily as we seek to be an inclusive culture. If upon investigation that your participation as a new member is found to be evident in a clique culture, membership with the Free Company will be null and void.

Please send a tell in game to Eithne Rain, Maxion Muiredach, Valtiel Seraph,or Lirre Yggdrasil for an invite after your app has been accepted or for further information about the Free Company.

If possible, please use your in-game name as your guildwork nickname (this is the "Display Name" in your settings which can be changed any time, not the same as your actual account name). This makes it easier to know who is who when posting on the Red Dot site, especially for newer members.
You must be logged into Guildwork in order to apply and/or view your application status.