Maxion Admin replied

274 weeks ago

<- will be the last Arcanist to 20 most likely. lol. Can't wait though…wanna get a jump on all those class quests and story and such so when launch comes got less of the "getting everything done again" thing going and more of the getting gear and having fun :P

Cora Anore Member replied

274 weeks ago

I just want the fairy…..<.<

Branagh Deschain replied

274 weeks ago

Same here Max, I doubt I will ever lvl it lol.

Tiras Member replied

274 weeks ago

I'm also starting with doing story and class quests. I'll get to it eventually, but I feel more inclined to focusing on going back to my Dragoon to main.

How about we take that rotten egg, bake a pie with it, and throw it back at Mish? <.<

Mishaela Member replied

274 weeks ago


All I have left to level with quests is ACN so yeah I'll be doing the main questline as ACN as much as possible so as not to waste the exp!

Isis replied

274 weeks ago

I have of mined and harvested items. If someone has loads of disposable income, id love to offload on you. Lemme know, otherwise ima try to compete on the markets for this stuff.

Ziz Member replied

274 weeks ago

I have a test on the 20th, so I probably won't be playing, I might take a peak to check out pvp and housing.

Aroes Redfiend Member replied

274 weeks ago

I will also try to unlock as much as possible while trying out Arcanist. I wonder if doing the story quests on a level 50 then turning it in on my ACN if it would give full exp.

I will definitely check out PVP and Housing might start in LL as ACN since PVP is in LL.

Leo Magnus Member replied

274 weeks ago

Finally…back in the saddle…I will be on all weekend for those who want to do ARC and unlock quests

Valtiel Serraph Member replied

273 weeks ago

I'm going to start in my original hometown, do all the story missions up to the airship pass and then I'll focus on leveling ARN to 20. Outside of that, all I hope to accomplish is organizing my inventory/gear sets/action bars again. I have to work all day Friday so it'll be a late start for me.
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